#BlogTour Containment – Vanda Symon

Containment is the third in the Sam Shephard series of books written by Vanda Symon and published by Orenda books.

Sam is a Detective Constable who accidentally ends up on a beach where a large shipping vessel has run aground, spewing out its contents and leading to the locals descending into looting and violence! Amongst the bounty, a skull is found terrifying an elderly lady! Poor Sam gets tangled in the chaos, ending up in hospital and on the sidelines for a week to recover. On return to work, her unpleasant boss sends her to sea where a body is recovered from the water. A tragic accident? Or something more sinister? Sam begins to unpick the puzzle and establish who this is and what has lead to their death.

This is my first Sam Shephard book and it most definitely will not be my last! Sam is a delight of a lead character: feisty, dogged and sharp. Of course she isn’t perfect and sometimes you want to give her a little shake, particularly in her handling of her relationships, although her friend and flat mate Maggie often does this for us.

I really enjoyed finding out how each little thread played a part in the story – I don’t want to spoil anything for future readers but the dialogue between Sam and the suspects and people of interest is superbly written. I found it very difficult to put down and accidentally read the lot in a day! Whoops!

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t usually start a series part way through but I found Containment to work perfectly as a stand alone book. Any references to previous events worked with the current story and didn’t make me feel like I was missing crucial information. Nonetheless I will be getting copies of the previous two books as I enjoyed the style of writing, the setting and the characters.

I highly recommend Containment to anyone who would like some clever crime, an interesting setting and a fabulous lead. Vanda has written a wonderful book and I am very pleased to add her to my favourite crime authors.

Thank you to Orenda, Anne, Karen and Vanda for my copy to read and review.

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