#BlogTour Deep Dark Night – Steph Broadribb

Wow! Just wow! You know that feeling of anticipation when you are on a rollercoaster and you start ascending the big climb before hurtling off around the track for an awesome ride? That’s how I felt reading Deep Dark Night! An initial POW followed by some solid scene building with a carefully constructed and irresistible story then another POW!

Deep Dark Night is the fourth book in the Lori Anderson series. Set in Chicago, Lori is attempting to entrap Cabressa, the notorious head of a crime family. He has evaded arrest and conviction before and this may be the last chance Monroe has to get him off the street and behind bars! Lori owes a debt to Monroe and this puts her in a position almost as bait. Failure for her isn’t an option – if things don’t work out she could be the one doing time.

I found this a really irresistible read! Difficult to set down, even to eat, as I just needed to know what was going to happen next. I wasn’t familiar with Lori’s previous adventures but that didn’t matter, backstory was filled in as and when needed and I feel this could be read with no previous knowledge required. I love how tension was built up and then suddenly lots happens. I can picture the setting really clearly and would love for this to be a mini series!

This is a book for someone who wants action, cunning and tension. You’ll find you fly through it, sometimes holding your breath, sometimes willing Lori on. You most certainly will not be bored!

On a more serious note, these are strange and scary times for us all with an extra layer for those of us in healthcare. Reading is my form of escapism and reading about some excellent, strong and courageous females of late has really encouraged me and given me something to take my mind of work.

Thank you so much as always to Team Orenda, to Anne and to everyone who reads my Twittering and this blog.

Published by Intensive Gassing About Books @AboutGassing

Anaesthetist and Intensive Care doctor with a passion for reading in my spare time!

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