Wink – Rob Harrell


I won a copy of Wink via Readers First and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it this week! Wink is a YA book and has Ross as the central character. Ross’ life is turned upside down by an unexpected and sudden diagnosis of a rare tumour affecting the lacrimal gland of his right eye. Things move quickly and he has to start treatment almost immediately and life starts to get a little tricky! One of his best friends suddenly seems to disappear without trace, he finds himself cast in the ‘cancer kid’ role and he can’t stop acting oddly around the girl he has a crush on! Ross is a bit of an artist and his sketches and doodles punctuate the text and add little extra bits of humour.


Despite the somber subject matter and the problems Ross faces along the course of his story, Wink is a very upbeat and positive book. Ross is a determined character who tackles each challenge and doesn’t give in even when he is angry, sad or a mix of many emotions. I liked how Rob has drawn from his own experiences and doesn’t shy away from talking about the treatments and side effects Ross experiences. He also tackles some broader issues which face many kids such as bullying and difficulties with friends who suddenly go AWOL.


Wink is a great book for tween readers. I feel like it communicates well the desire for normality in a new and abnormal set of circumstances whilst also touching on the importance of friendship, relationships and self belief. It strikes a lovely balance between serious and funny and tells an entertaining but important story.




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