#BlogTour Love Life – Nancy Peach

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Yorkshire lass in possession of a career, a house, and a cat, must be in want of a husb―
Oh get a grip!

Dr Tess Carter is no starry-eyed Jane Austen heroine. After all, if your dad left without a backward glance and you found your last boyfriend in bed with another guy, you wouldn’t believe in romance either. And the voices in Tess’s head – you know, the ones that tell you you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not clever enough – well, these voices are very loud. Very loud indeed. Especially when the proud and disagreeable son of one of her patients starts challenging her every decision.

Edward Russell might have a big job and a posh voice, but Tess is determined not to let him get to her, especially if she can get her inner monologue to stop with the endless self-sabotage. And Edward, it turns out, may be less of a prat than he first appears; he’s certainly handy in a crisis.

In the real world, where gentlemanlike manners and out-of-the-blue declarations of love are a story-book fantasy, it’s up to Tess to decide whose voice to listen to … and how to make her own heard.

Today I am really pleased to get to help launch the #blogtour for Love Life by Nancy Peach. This is the story of Tess. She is a palliative care doctor who has had her fair share of knocks in her life but she humorously picks herself up and keeps putting her best foot forward. After taking handover one morning she finds herself face to face with a kind of blast from her past although it seems that this was very much a one sided memory!

I thought Tess was a marvellous lead – she was very relatable in so many ways. I loved her inner voices, both Jane and presenter. I know not everyone has an inner monologue but for those of us who do, I think you’ll find yourself smiling and giggling along at some of their “input” to the various challenges Tess encounters! I liked how Tess comes across as a normal, everyday, sort of character with hang ups, flaws and the same insecurities many of us can probably identify with. As a fellow medic, she appealed to me as I totally recognised some of the work based scenarios!

Love Life is the sort of book which will allow you to relax and fall into the story. It has funny parts to make you laugh aloud; there are also poignant sections which balance out. You don’t need to think too hard to enjoy the story which makes it ideal to chill out with at the end of a long day! A lovely read!

About Nancy Peach:

Nancy is a writer of commercial women’s fiction, a mother of three and an owner of various ridiculous looking pets including a dog who unexpectedly grew to be the size of a small horse. She is also a practicing doctor working for both the NHS and a national cancer charity. Over the years her medical job has provided her with an insight into many aspects of human behaviour, across all walks of life, and she is endlessly fascinated by the people she meets.

She has always loved to write and finds the process incredibly therapeutic as well as being a welcome diversion from some of the less glamourous aspects of her other roles. Being a medical doctor, her sense of humour is already quite dark; she prides herself on being able to find comedy in challenging scenarios and has found this to be an essential skill in both her domestic and working life. Love and laughter are the best of medicines and she tries to channel as much of them as possible into her blogs www.mumhasdementia.com  and http://www.nancy-peach.com as well as her books – casting a wry and discerning eye over the human condition and tackling heavyweight issues with a light comedic touch.

Nancy’s work has been longlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Prize and shortlisted for a Harper Collins / Gransnet competition. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists
Association and is represented by Tanera Simons at Darley Anderson Literary Agency. Her debut novel Love Life is published by One More Chapter at Harper Collins. You can find her on:

Twitter at https://twitter.com/Mumhasdementia
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nancy.peach/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NancyPeach.Writer

Published by Intensive Gassing About Books @AboutGassing

Anaesthetist and Intensive Care doctor with a passion for reading in my spare time!

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