#BlogTour The Secrets of Strangers – Charity Norman

The Secrets of Strangers was an emotional rollercoaster for me and I loved every single page! This is a gorgeously written story told through the eyes of Abi, Eliza, Mutesi, Neil and Sam. All end up involved in a hostage situation inside a cafe, on an otherwise normal day, and we see how the eventsContinue reading “#BlogTour The Secrets of Strangers – Charity Norman”

#BlogTour A Testament of Character – Sulari Gentill

“A suspicious death… A missing person… A journey across America in search of answers In fear for his life, American millionaire Daniel Cartwright changes his will, appointing his old friend Rowland Sinclair as his executor. Soon murder proves that fear well founded. When Rowland receives word of Cartwright’s death, he sets out immediately for Boston,Continue reading “#BlogTour A Testament of Character – Sulari Gentill”

#BlogTour The Creak on the Stairs – Björg Ægisdottir

The Creak on the Stairs is a wonderful mix of a sinister discoveries, small town life, murky characters and new beginnings. Elma is the central character, she’s recently moved back to Akranes, the town she grew up in, from Reykjavik having split up from her long term partner. Starting afresh, she joins the local policeContinue reading “#BlogTour The Creak on the Stairs – Björg Ægisdottir”

#BlogTour Ash Mountain – Helen Fitzgerald

“Fran hates her hometown, and she thought she’d escaped. But her father is ill, and needs care. Her relationship is over, and she hates her dead-end job in the city, anyway. She returns home to nurse her dying father, her distant teenage daughter in tow for the weekends. There, in the sleepy town of AshContinue reading “#BlogTour Ash Mountain – Helen Fitzgerald”

#BlogTour The Carer – Deborah Moggach

“James is getting on a bit and needs full-time help. So Phoebe and Robert, his middle-aged offspring, employ Mandy, who seems willing to take him off their hands. But as James regales his family with tales of Mandy’s virtues, their shopping trips and the shared pleasure of their journeys to garden centres, Phoebe and RobertContinue reading “#BlogTour The Carer – Deborah Moggach”

#BlogTour The Museum of Broken Promises – Elizabeth Buchan

I was very lucky to win a copy of Elizabeth Buchan’s Museum of Broken Promises and what an absolute delight of a book it is! Laure is such a fascinating character and I really enjoyed reading about her experiences in Prague. I have visited several times so it felt familiar for me but I don’tContinue reading “#BlogTour The Museum of Broken Promises – Elizabeth Buchan”

#BlogTour The Wrong Move – Jennifer Savin

  “You thought it was the perfect flat… When Jessie moves into a flatshare at Maver Place, she’s finally found a decent place to live. And when she’s befriended by fellow tenants Lauren and Sofie, she’s got great flatmates to share it with. You think she’s safe. You think she can trust these people. You’reContinue reading “#BlogTour The Wrong Move – Jennifer Savin”

#BlogTour I Am Dust – Louise Beech

I am ashamed to admit that I have several of Louises’ other novels in my TBR mountain and hadn’t gotten round to reading them before. Absolute clanger on my part – Louise Beech is a FANTASTIC writer and I shall be rectifying this ASAP! I Am Dust had me captivated from the first pages. HavingContinue reading “#BlogTour I Am Dust – Louise Beech”

#BlogTour The Girl in the White Dress – Paul Barrell

  “Every Family has secrets. Imagine discovering you were guilty of something you can’t remember. 1974 A young family from London take a trip of a lifetime to the Caribbean aboard the cruise liner Oriana. 2002 The Peak District. Following the death of his wife, Paul finds a menu card from the Oriana covered inContinue reading “#BlogTour The Girl in the White Dress – Paul Barrell”

#Blog Tour Sister – Kjell Ola Dahl (translated by Don Bartlett)

  “The Oslo Detectives are back in another slice of gripping, dark Nordic Noir, and their new colleague has more at stake than she’s prepared to reveal…   Oslo detective Frølich searches for the mysterious sister of a young female asylum seeker, but when people start to die, everything points to an old case andContinue reading “#Blog Tour Sister – Kjell Ola Dahl (translated by Don Bartlett)”