#BlogTour The Weekend Before The Wedding – Tracy Bloom

Ah The Weekend Before The Wedding is a brilliant light hearted read with a big soul and I thoroughly enjoyed joining Shelley and her hens as they had a somewhat unconventional hen weekend! Many of us will have been there, the stag/hen invite to a weekend abroad. I must confess I’ve never managed to makeContinue reading “#BlogTour The Weekend Before The Wedding – Tracy Bloom”

#BlogTour This Wild, Wild Country – Inga Vesper

Inga Vesper is an author you need in your life if you haven’t already read her! You’re in for a treat as she has two brilliant books for you to get stuck into. I fell in love with Inga’s writing after The Long, Long Afternoon and I remain as such following This Wild, Wild Country!Continue reading “#BlogTour This Wild, Wild Country – Inga Vesper”

#BlogTour The Very Nice Box – Laura Blackett; Eve Gleichman

I am delighted to be part of the Ulverscroft Hot Verve Summer which features four audiobooks for your perusal! I was lucky enough to get a print copy of Imposter Syndrome previously and can highly recommend but today I am here to shout about The Very Nice Box by Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman! IContinue reading “#BlogTour The Very Nice Box – Laura Blackett; Eve Gleichman”

#BlogTour The Last Party – Clare Mackintosh

I absolutely love Clare Mackintosh’s writing. I’ve read all her previous books bar one which I have waiting in my TBR pile and have never once been disappointed. I was thrilled to be a part of the #BlogTour for her most recent book The Last Party. Set around a village in Wales, the story beginsContinue reading “#BlogTour The Last Party – Clare Mackintosh”

#BlogTour The Last White Man – Mohsin Hamid

About Mohsin Hamid: Mohsin Hamid writes regularly for The New York Times, the Guardian and the New York Review of Books, and is the author of Exit West, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Moth Smoke, How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia and Discontent and its Civilizations. Born and mostly raised in Lahore, he has sinceContinue reading “#BlogTour The Last White Man – Mohsin Hamid”

#BlogTour The Hotel on the Riviera – Carol Kirkwood

The Hotel on the Riviera transports the reader into the glitz and glamour of Cannes and introduces them to a cast of characters from the super wealthy and superstars to the super strivers who are trying to make it in a difficult world. The setting is both idyllic but also dangerous. There are some openContinue reading “#BlogTour The Hotel on the Riviera – Carol Kirkwood”

#BlogTour The Hive – Scarlett Brade

Oh yes Scarlett Brade! The Hive is an absolutely blistering read which brought out the rage in me as I read. This story brings out some of the very worst aspects of social media and “celeb” culture and combines them into an addictive story. I inhaled it in two sittings and felt quite exhilarated atContinue reading “#BlogTour The Hive – Scarlett Brade”

#BlogTour The Reunion – Polly Phillips

As a child I loved reading books set in schools. I would gobble up Mallory Towers, Sweet Valley High, St Clare’s, I read them all! As I’ve gotten older I still retain a real soft spot for stories set around education it would seem, but in particular university. There was almost an element of nostalgiaContinue reading “#BlogTour The Reunion – Polly Phillips”

#BlogTour Good Husbands – Cate Ray

I picked up Good Husbands mid-morning and literally only stopped reading to move myself between the sun and the shade! I absolutely adored this book from start to finish. Jessica, Stephanie and Priyanka are three women all shocked when they receive a letter outlining that their husbands were involved in a sexual assault. They don’tContinue reading “#BlogTour Good Husbands – Cate Ray”

#BlogTour Hotbed – Joanna Scutts

Hotbed is a book that I didn’t know that I needed to read but am very glad, and grateful, that I have had the opportunity to! It is an absolute treasure trove of information about a relatively small group of women and Heterodoxy: a free thinking and speaking group from the early 20th century! IContinue reading “#BlogTour Hotbed – Joanna Scutts”