#BlogTour Nothing Else – Louise Beech

I love Louise Beech’s writing – I think she has such an amazing talent to write characters who burrow into your heart and make a place there. Nothing Else is no exception. Heather is our main character in this story. She is an unassuming woman who teaches music and has a relatively quiet life. AsContinue reading “#BlogTour Nothing Else – Louise Beech”

#BlogTour The Apartment Upstairs – Lesley Kara

I am really pleased to be helping kick start the #BlogTour on #PublicationDay for The Apartment Upstairs. I have enjoyed Lesley’s two previous novels so was quietly confident I would be in for another great read. The Apartment Upstairs begins with quite a chilling scene. We meet Scarlett as she travels on a bus asContinue reading “#BlogTour The Apartment Upstairs – Lesley Kara”

#BlogTour Just For Today – Nell Hudson

Goodness me, Just For Today really got under my skin – in a great way. I can’t count the number of times I have gone back to reread a particular chapter and each time it makes me feel a whole heartfull of different emotions (yes I know heartfull isn’t a real word but it describesContinue reading “#BlogTour Just For Today – Nell Hudson”

#BlogTour the poet – Louisa Reid

I was drawn to the poet not just because of the blurb but because of the style of writing. I have read a few books written in a verse and have become quite keen on this as a means of telling a story and once again I was not disappointed. The story is told fromContinue reading “#BlogTour the poet – Louisa Reid”

#BlogTour Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight – Riku Onda (Translated into English by Alison Watts)

I thoroughly enjoyed The Aosawa Murders, indeed if memory serves it was one of the first books that I reviewed for my blog, and was delighted to learn that Riku Onda had another book transplanted into English. Before even getting to read the blurb, I was charmed by the cover. It is beautiful and quiteContinue reading “#BlogTour Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight – Riku Onda (Translated into English by Alison Watts)”

#BlogTour The Silent Brother – Simon Van der Velde

I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to read and review Simon Van der Velde’s latest novel, The Silent Brother. I first came across Simon when I read Backstories and was really impressed by his writing. The idea behind that book was brilliant and I loved the little puzzles with each story. I believeContinue reading “#BlogTour The Silent Brother – Simon Van der Velde”

#BlogTour Twelve Months and a Day – Louisa Young

A number of years ago I read My Dear I Wanted to Tell You and was absolutely enchanted. I bought this story for friends and family and shouted loudly about how much I loved this book when people asked for recommendations. Time passed, I didn’t come across Louisa’s next books and I must confess thatContinue reading “#BlogTour Twelve Months and a Day – Louisa Young”

#BlogTour Do No Harm – Jack Jordan

Goodness me, Do No Harm is a proper rollercoaster of a read. Given that a significant part of my job is working in theatres, this book appealed to me from the blurb and I was intrigued as to how this story would play out. Having spent a few months in the cardiac theatres, I hadContinue reading “#BlogTour Do No Harm – Jack Jordan”

#BlogTour One Of The Girls – Lucy Clarke

One of the Girls ticks so many boxes for me as a reader. I always bang on about how much I enjoy a multi point of view read and in this story we get to see things from all six main characters. I love a story that keeps you guessing and gives little hints butContinue reading “#BlogTour One Of The Girls – Lucy Clarke”

#BlogTour Young Women – Jessica Moor

YES TO THIS BOOK! Do you want a clever, sharp read which will entertain you but also challenge your thoughts and beliefs? Do you want a book that is topical and engrossing? Then I believe that Young Women is THE book for you. Jessica Moor has written an absolutely excellent story which somehow brings togetherContinue reading “#BlogTour Young Women – Jessica Moor”